Lenten Groups

This year, Lent commences on Ash Wednesday, 17 February and, as usual, we are calling for parishioners to facilitate small groups in the  Lenten program. If you have not considered doing so before, we ask you to think about volunteering in this capacity. Being a facilitator does not require any special knowledge or skills, just an ability to listen and be sensitive to others, who many share personal reflections. The Lenten book contains all that facilitators will need to lead a group, including: setting up, welcoming, prayers. reflections etc.

IF YOU WISH TO TAKE A LENTEN GROUP AS A FACILITATOR please complete one of the sheets in the Gathering Space, with your name,  contact details, where the group meeting will be held, the day of the week and time when the group will meet. 

THOSE WHO WISH TO ATTEND A LENTEN GROUP will be asked in the following weeks to add their name and contact details to one of the preferred groups.

Enquiries: Please contact the parish office on 9713 7960.