The Sacrament of First Holy Communion at All Hallows, Five Dock will be celebrated on the weekend of the 18th and 19th November, 2023. Children of the parish who are in year 3 or above and have made their First Reconciliation are invited to register.

First Holy Communion Masses:

  • Saturday 18th November – First Holy Communion Mass at 12:00pm (Mass 1) & 3:00pm (Mass 2)
  • Sunday 19th November – First Holy Communion Masses at 12:00pm (Mass 3) & 3:00pm (Mass 4).

Register online from 7am on Monday 31st July by following this link: Register for Holy Communion.

Please note that registrations close strictly on Friday, 6th October, 2023.


Holy Communion Mass booking:

You will have the opportunity to choose the Mass you wish to attend via from 7am on Monday 31 July. Please click HERE to book.

If you have a special needs child, please contact the parish office to see what provisions can be made to assist your child.

Parent Information Evening:

  • Wednesday October 11 at 7.00pm in the church (children do not need to attend).

Lessons (Preparation):

  • Cost of the program is $50 payable by cash or credit card at the Parent Information Evening.
  • Lessons commence the Week beginning 16th October and continue over 4 weeks on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening at 7.00pm in the parish hall.


  • Rehearsal for Mass 1 will be held on Wednesday 15th November at 4.00pm
  • Rehearsal for Mass 2 will be held on Wednesday 15th November at 5.00pm
  • Rehearsal for Mass 3 will be held on Thursday 16th November at 4.00pm
  • Rehearsal for Mass 4 will be held on Thursday 16th November at 5.00pm

Professional Photographer will be available on the Day.
Families wanting a professional individual photo must be in the Parish Hall at least 1 hour prior to Mass. If time permits there will also be an opportunity for family photos. A photo will also be taken of your child receiving their First Holy Communion in the church. Photo Order forms will be available on the day. Forms and payments are to be handed directly to photographer in the hall on the day of the sacrament.

NOTE: We require all children to be in the Parish Hall 45 minutes prior to Mass for the group photo with the Parish Priest.

Please forward any enquiries to the Parish Office on 9713 7960 or email [email protected].

Thank you,
Sacramental Team.