Growing in Christ – All Hallows’ Church Five Dock NSW

Following on from last year’s Enrichment Series Program, our plan was to provide a series of videos and discussion on Bishop Robert Barron’s series of ‘Catholicism’.  Unfortunately, the inability or parishioners to meet as a group, due to COVID19, has meant that we cannot proceed with this at present. 

However, for those who use Facebook, a special, private Facebook page has been created; it is entitled: Growing in Christ which is the name given to our enrichment project for 2020. If you have a Facebook account, you can search for the page and then simply add your name to become a member. Posts relating to spirituality, news from the Vatican, and other stories from members  can be added, after approval from the administrator. The aim of the Growing in Christ page and the basic rules for posting can be found on the page. 

For those who do not use social media, a Journal will be produced monthly, with similar articles that will be posted to the FB page. If, after reading the guidelines, you would like to contribute to the Journal, articles, commentary etc should be sent to my email address. Please remember that this is not a platform for complaints – the aim is  bring us closer to God, to deepen our faith, through an increased knowledge and understanding of our Catholic faith, to share stories, struggles, inspiration and the wisdom of saints and other holy people. The cut-off for contributions to the Journal will be 29 April 2020. 

Further enquiries, contact: Ann – 0408 720 461      or     E: [email protected]